Sleep in on Saturday? In my dreams.

As a public school teacher and every day I drag my butt out of bed early. Like, 5:25 at the latest, early. I try and leave the house by 6:15.  Currently it’s dark for my entire 40-minute morning commute.  Needless to say, I miss waking up and seeing the sun.

This Saturday morning was my chance to do it.  To finally sleep in and wake up with the sun shinning!  It didn’t happen.  I woke up at 5:25 and stayed up for a while.  After finally falling back asleep I woke up again at 6:40 and then I decided to just get up.  Since I had so much time to think, I came up with my list of how to sleep in and sleep better (aka what went wrong).

1.  Don’t eat too late.

My husband came home late last night after a long day, and heck, a long week so we celebrated.  We had a great evening of catching up on the couch with our favorites by our side.  Our favorite chips, favorite humous, favorite salsa, favorite popcorn, and to top it all off, our favorite ice cream.  We know how to live.

When we were all pigged-out it was about 9:00 and it took my stomach hours to process all that food.  It made my brain spin and kept me from relaxing enough to sleep.  Now, you should all know that my husband and I aren’t entirely lame.  We do go out and stay up later than 9:00 but on a stay-in night when we have been working our butts off for the week prior, falling asleep at 9:15 is the best thing ever.

2.  Exercise.

I felt it brewing all day.  I had that anxiousness for no reason.  That feeling is not new to me and I know how to get rid of it… exercise.  But let’s be honest. It’s winter!  I am not going on a run when it’s -2 outside.  If you are a winter runner, I commend you and teach me your ways but currently I will let you run alone.

What I should have done is gone on a walk.  I have a great coat, stellar scarf, and handmade mittens. I should have been fine.  Thirty minutes dressed like that is a walk in the park, literally.

But I didn’t.  No exercise for me.  So when I wanted to go to bed and get a good ten-hour sleep my body still hand a small (annoying) reservoir of energy to deal with.

3.  Lights out.

And I don’t just mean dimming the lights to make the house a relaxing environment.  I mean electronics before bed.  Electronics before bed is one of the biggest problems at our house.  My husband and I both have our games and social media and last minute texting in bed that we like to do before we turn out the lights.  I don’t know if it’s that we want to make sure to stay connected, really like our games or just out of habit but sometimes we really have trouble putting away our phones.  The glow of the screens strains our eyes and it feels like, electrifies our brains.

In the past we have said no phone time in the bedroom and I think that rule is about to be written again.


Until next time, Saturday morning.  At least without work, I get to see the sun.

Friends, what are your nightly routines?  Do you feel like you get enough sleep?


2 thoughts on “Sleep in on Saturday? In my dreams.

  1. Kelly, I enjoyed reading this. I am the worst sleeper I know. I don’t really know why, either.

    No electronics for at least a half hour before bed definitely helps, at least with falling asleep. But I can’t sleep in ever. Saturday is the only day I even get the opportunity to sleep in, but I usually still wake up early.

    I’ve also noticed I often wake up a couple times throughout the night. Despite being physically tired, my mind seems super active and scattered.

    Here’s to sleeping better in 2015!


  2. Okay I was feeling super tired and (probably) getting too much sleep so I started to exercise. Like you, I didn’t want to run outside because it’s freaking cold so I looked up some workout routines on YouTube. I can do them in my house with the sun shining through the windows so it almost feels like I’m outside. Plus, I really do work up a sweat! So while I’m finding more energy from exercise, you are using up that energy to get a good nights sleep. It’s awesome and weird how different our bodies work!


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