Fighting the Winter (lazy) Blues

That ice cream reeled you in, did it? Ditto, my friend.  Ditto.

When growing older there are so many life changes that are expected… responsibilities, a slower metabolism, some reading glasses…  But what I didn’t expect was having to tell myself what to do and making myself do it.  As trivial as it sounds, I just don’t want to do some things!

This weekend my to do list got out of control and I had to do something about it.  So I did what any grown woman would do… I made a list and gave myself a reward when it was completed.

To Do List:
-check all of my students tests
-send out a bunch of emails (parents, students, bible study)
-do the dishes!

*my new favorite pen (Pentel 0.5, and a matching one for my husband)
*ice cream (yesssss)

I sweet friend of mine and I were talking about making lists on sticky notes and how motivating and satisfying it is to crumple up the sticky when the task is completed.

What are your secret or silly rewards to help you complete your un-fun tasks?


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