Screen-Time & Me-Time

S&E Watercolor

Last weekend my 8th grade orchestra had their biggest performance of the year.  They competed in a festival with four judges, three pieces to perform, and a sight-reading element.  It was exhilarating and a little nerve-wracking.  They did a wonderful job and ended up getting straight 1s, the highest score possible from all four of the judges.  I’m a proud orchestra teacher.

While all of this was happening, I found myself craving relaxation.  My husband and I probably watched 4+ movies in the past few days, aka Extreme Screen Time. We all know it somewhere in the back of our minds; EST (extreme screen time) is great in the moment but can leave us empty and more tired than before.

Today I challenged myself to a “no tv screen night”.

Instead of watching a movie or another million episodes of Arrested Development I cleaned the kitchen, talked to a friend on the phone, and attempted to draw with watercolors.  The satisfaction and relaxation I feel compared to the mind-numbing movie nights lull is pretty remarkable.

Maybe I’ll try  one no-tv-screen night per week.

How do you relax?  Do you like to watch TV?  Are you a reader? an arts & craft-er?


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