Valentines Day’s a-comin – You can feel it in the air



I can definitely feel it in the air… at work.

I work at a middle school teaching 6th, 7th, & 8th grade orchestra and I’ll tell ya, my students are buzzing.  There are whispers, looks, and cupid arrows thrown all over my room.  Two scenes really made my smile because, hey, we’ve all been there before:

Scene 1:  I witnessed one of my girls holding in her hand a Valentines day gram and trying, it seemed, to give it to one of my boys.  She never actually got his attention and he ended up doing his own thing, ignoring her on accident.  After realizing the moment was gone, she hurriedly took her V-gram and shoved it into her stack of books looking back to see if anyone saw here.  [She is one of the sweetest girls in my class.]

Scene 2: I was tuning a student’s violin and saw his V-gram in his hand.  “Whacha got there?”, I said.  “Oh, it’s just a Valentines Day Gram.  I’m trying to figure out who sent it.”  “Well, what does it say?”  “It says, ‘You’re cute’.  Finally someone other than my mom thinks I’m cute.”   [I died.  He is awesome.]

Sometimes all I do is wish for snowdays, other days I just love my job.

Happy almost Valentines day!

p.s. here’s a puritan valentines day card that always puts me in the valentines mood.