Screen-Time & Me-Time

S&E Watercolor

Last weekend my 8th grade orchestra had their biggest performance of the year.  They competed in a festival with four judges, three pieces to perform, and a sight-reading element.  It was exhilarating and a little nerve-wracking.  They did a wonderful job and ended up getting straight 1s, the highest score possible from all four of the judges.  I’m a proud orchestra teacher.

While all of this was happening, I found myself craving relaxation.  My husband and I probably watched 4+ movies in the past few days, aka Extreme Screen Time. We all know it somewhere in the back of our minds; EST (extreme screen time) is great in the moment but can leave us empty and more tired than before.

Today I challenged myself to a “no tv screen night”.

Instead of watching a movie or another million episodes of Arrested Development I cleaned the kitchen, talked to a friend on the phone, and attempted to draw with watercolors.  The satisfaction and relaxation I feel compared to the mind-numbing movie nights lull is pretty remarkable.

Maybe I’ll try  one no-tv-screen night per week.

How do you relax?  Do you like to watch TV?  Are you a reader? an arts & craft-er?


Finally Moved In

Moving is a beast.  It requires so many boxes, muscles, minutes…  It always takes longer than expected and more patience than I have stored up.  But in the end… it’s worth it.

My husband and I have been married for about a year and a half and we bought our first house in September.  It was a whirlwind.  We are both teachers and September is the start of the school year.  That month is always hectic. Throwing moving into our first house on top of our regularly wild September was nothing short of an adventure.

This week, mid-winter break, we finally got rid of our last box.

You know that door that’s mysteriously closed in your friends’ house.  They’ve closed it off because they “just don’t use that room” or “they’re trying to save heating the whole house”.  We had one of those but we closed it because we were hiding a bunch of boxes.  Well not anymore!!

Introducing… our craft room!

donation bags and basement boxesboxes in the upstairs hallwayside table - craft room

craft tablebaby chair - craft roomtrunk and photo - craft room

It feels so great to get this done.  What are some things, big or small you have had on your to-do list?

{my next big to-do is getting serious about daily exercise}